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    Discover all that you can do during your stay at the hotel on Elba Island!

    If you think that a holiday on an island can become boring or have few attractions, know that your stay in Montecristo will not be like that! Our èquipe will point you to the right locations and activities, suitable for all: sports people, foodies, art, history, hiking and diving enthusiasts!

    For fitness and adventure enthusiasts, there are many activities like trekking, free climbing, cycling tourism and mountain bike tours; wine lovers will find numerous wine cellars, while those who prefer to always learn something new can visit museums and historical monuments or mines. Sea enthusiasts won't be disappointed: apart from enjoying the beach and the sea, there are many boat and sailboat trips, or you can choose to scuba dive in one of the wonderful bays of the island.

    "It's only an island if you look at it from the water"

Elbaman: the triathlon
challenge of Elba Island

Elbaman is the most famous triathlon challenge of Italy, but is very well known even abroad as in France and Germany. Every year hundreds of “iron” men and women participate at the race.


Excursion in the Whale Sanctuary

The Island of Elba is located in the middle of a stretch of sea famous as the “Whale Sanctuary” in which you can spot dolphins, fin whales and sperm whales.


Elba by
sail boat

Exploring Elba by sail boat will allow you to enjoy the sea in every moment of the day and to venture towards small beaches that are impossible to reach by foot.


in nature

The morphology of the Island of Elba allows lovers of hiking and walking to practice their favorite sport in a spectacular variety of natural environments. Sea, beach, countryside, hill and mountain are all close to one another and can be explored within a few km.



On the Island of Elba, lovers of free climbing will find many spots to practice their favorite sport while enjoying a really suggestive natural environment.


Boat Trips to Capraia,
Pianosa and Giglio

The Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago are all close to one another and Elba, in particular, is the best starting point to visit them all. In various tourist harbors of the island, mainly from Marina di Campo, are organized mini-cruises and boat trips to Capraia, Pianosa and Giglio. However, if you want to explore the archipelago by your self you can rent a boat.



For diving and snorkeling, the Island of Elba offers a lot of possibilities. The seabeds, all around the island, are rich in marine life and full of curiosities: divers can explore caves, landslides, shallows and flotsam standing on the bottom of the sea at various profundity levels.



The origins of the wine business at Elba refer to distant centuries of which no memory has survived, what have remained are the passion, the knowledge and the culture of wine that people preserve jealously.


The mines
of Elba

The history of Elba is link to its iron deposits. The ones located on the island are some of the most ancient exploited deposits in the world. The first one to begin to exploit the mineral reserves of the territory were the Etruscans, but even Greeks used to know well the resources of the island that they used to call Aethalia “the sooty island”.



Come per il resto del territorio, anche le spiagge dell’Elba si distinguono per la loro eccezionale varietà: arenili sabbiosi, spiagge a ciottoli, piccole calette...


MTB in
unique landscapes

Choosing the mountain bike to explore the territory of Elba means to leave behind the quiet panoramic roads of the coast to ride on dirt paths, old mines, cliffs and steep trails.


Museums and
historical monuments

The Island of Elba is not just about sea, sun and beach, on the territory are located numerous historical locations, monuments, fortresses, castles, churches and museums to visit.


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