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Excursion in the Whale Sanctuary

The Island of Elba is located in the middle of a stretch of sea famous as the “Whale Sanctuary” in which you can spot dolphins, fin whales and sperm whales.

Taking a boat trip to discover this marine mammals is an thrilling experience! However, scan the surface of the water with your eyes and the binoculars looking for puffs, ripples and fins requires patience and you need to be prepared to wait for hours.

In this researches, you're looking for big animals free to move in the vastness of the sea and to swim even for long distances in a short period of time. The best days for an excursion in the “Whale Sanctuary” are the ones with calm sea and no wind. Besides the long time spent on the boat, even a single sighting will give you some unique emotions!

Dolphins play the main role in many sightings, often this animals, with incredible intelligence and curiosity, approach the boat spontaneously with jumps and evolutions in the air. It can even happen to see them turning their head to the people on the boat, so impressed by them. Less common are the sightings of fin whales. The excursions in the “Whale Sanctuary” are mainly organized towards the islands of Capraia, Pianosa, Montecristo and Corsica.

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